ExecuJet Haite Continues Safe Operations – Covid-19 Virus

ExecuJet Haite Continues Safe Operations – Covid-19 Virus

February 25, 2020 Blog 0

ExecuJet Haite continues operations at both their home base and throughout China in this difficult time due to the spread of Covid-19. The Tianjin government approved the hangar facility to open on February 14th.  Our dedicated team has supported various AOG situations throughout China during the Chinese New Year holiday and thereafter, even going so far as to hand carry and drive 1,000 miles to safely reach a destination and complete the maintenance to release an aircraft according to the client’s demanding flight schedule.

To further ensure a safe operation, ExecuJet Haite has implemented a series of preventative measures to protect our staff, customers, and partners to include;

  1. The entire facility was sanitized and disinfected prior to resuming operation and all areas are sanitized on a regularly scheduled basis and recorded throughout the day.
  2. All staff were monitored and quarantined for the prescribed period dependent upon their individual travel situation, up to 14 days and are required to measure their body temperature each day before entering the facility and at various times throughout the day.
  3. The staff has undergone training on prevention methods, proper usage of personal protective equipment, and procedures for ensuring the safety of all inside the facility.
  4. Masks, safety glasses, hand sanitizes, and cleaning and sterilization products are readily available throughout the facility.

We wish everyone the best of health particularly under the latest developments of Covid-19 and will continue to work hard in support of our customers with a keen eye on the safety and wellbeing of our collective operations.



  1. 在恢复运行之前,整个维修基地都进行了消杀工作,所有区域都定期进行消毒并记录全天情况。
  2. 所有工作人员根据他们的个人旅行情况,严格按照规定接受监测和14天隔离,并在每天进入维修基地之前和全天的不同时间段进行体温检测。
  3. 工作人员已接受预防方法、正确使用个人防护设备和确保设施内所有人员安全的程序方面的培训。
  4. 口罩,护目镜,洗手液,清洁和消毒用品放置在维修基地各个方便使用的位置上。


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