DU-875 Display Upgrades

Frustrated by failures and exchange costs?

Stop supporting your aircraft with obsolete DU-870 spares that have a limited life span and are not supported under the Honeywell MSP Plan. Instead, improve your vision and add instant value to your aircraft by upgrading to Honeywell DU-875 LCD displays and Primus Elite with ExecuJet MRO Services.

Honeywell is currently offering a trade-in credit of US$35,000 for each DU-870 when a DU-875 is purchased. Take advantage of this special offer now.

The DU-875 is more than a display upgrade – it’s an entirely new avionics system delivering some serious functionality. With Primus Elite Enhanced Features pilots have access to crystal clear charts and moving maps on the primary flight display.

The Advanced Features package delivers Honeywell’s synthetic vision system, plus enhanced flight management tools.

Unlike many other screens, the DU-875 LCD display units fit your existing system, reducing downtime and additional costs. What’s more the DU-875 liquid crystal display upgrade delivers brighter, clearer, higher resolution images, and 2X the reliability of your old and obsolete DU-870 CRTs.

Update your display today and take advantage of a range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced cost of ownership thanks to lighter LCD displays that provide a weight reduction of up to 7lbs per unit, which translates to fuel savings
  • Increased display reliability
  • 12-month warranty
  • Growth plan that takes advantage of future technologies and applications

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