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Wellington Line Support

Our Wellington base is a very modern facility located at Wellington International airport on a 3000sqm site offering 2500 sqm of hangar space. We are co-located with ExecuJet’s FBO providing seamless support for visiting customers.

OEM Approved

The Auckland/ Wellington facility operates as a satellite from our Sydney base providing extended OEM line and AOG support for both local and visiting aircraft.


Dassault Owned Service Centre
Embraer Authorised Service Centre
Gulfstream Authorised Warranty Facility
General Electric Authorised Service Centre
Honeywell Engine Authorised Service Centre and Avionics Dealer
Rolls Royce Authorised Service Centre for BR725, BR710 Series
Satcom Direct International Dealer

Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority CAR 301-13TRWE
Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Part 1451-13TMRB
Bermuda DCABDA/AMO/226
Cayman Islands CAA025B-CAY-AMO-2018
Indonesia DCCA145/934/01
New Zealand CAAMO85089
Vietnam CAAVN-868NN
Don’t see your Registry? ExecuJet MRO Services has extensive experience working with Customers and their Regulatory Authorities to find solutions to provide maintenance services and support.

Service Offered

Our Wellington base offers AOG support services.

Aircraft Cleaning, Polishing and Protecting
Line and Base Maintenance
Airframe, Engine and APU
AOG Support
Mobile Repair Teams (MRT)
Warranty Repair
Component Maintenance (Wheels, Batteries and Emergency Power Packs,
Artex and Kannad ELT Beacons)
Electrical Workshop
Sheet Metal
Terms & Conditions

Contact Us


91 Tirangi Road, Rongotai

Wellington 6022

New Zealand


Tel: +61 2 9693 0800

Mobile: +61 2 9693 0805 (24 hrs)