Remove the financial uncertainty from future engine repairs and maintenance with Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plan for business jets with ExecuJet MRO Services.

Your aircraft is a big investment… an investment worth protecting

Designed specifically for your Honeywell engines, Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) – Propulsion is an efficient and cost-effective program offering a practical alternative for managing future maintenance expenses. Aircraft owners/operators have learned to rely on MSP – Propulsion to protect them from the unexpected. Avoid unplanned maintenance costs. Avoid downtime. Avoid unnecessary stress. After all, when it comes to your aircraft, time is money.


Enroll in MSP – Propulsion and enhance the resale value of your aircraft.

MSP – Propulsion is officially recognized and rated for its aircraft appreciation in the Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest.


  • Increases accuracy of aviation department’s annual budgeting
  • Provides predictable long range  financial planning
  • Eliminates cost impact of unscheduled repairs
  • Covers replacement costs of cycle life-limited hardware
  • Annual rate adjustments are limited by U.S. Government economic indices


  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Service Bulletin incorporation* for guaranteed state-of-the art configuration
  • Rental engine during compressor zone inspections and extended unscheduled maintenance

Available through ExecuJet, MSP Propulsion takes the stress out of maintaining your engines, by guaranteeing financial coverage for parts and labor during both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities. 

To learn more about Honeywell’s MSP Propulsion and see why the program remains the first, and only choice, for so many operators worldwide, please complete the form and one of our ExecuJet MRO Services Technical Experts will be sure to contact you.

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