ExecuJet MRO Services Ready for Falcon 6X

ExecuJet MRO Services Ready for Falcon 6X

January 11, 2024 Blog 0

The Falcon 6X, an all-new Falcon with the largest cabin cross section in business aviation, has entered into service with ExecuJet MRO Services ready to support it.

ExecuJet MRO Services Australia (ExecuJet) engineers have completed maintenance training, approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The training encompasses a six-week programme, that includes four weeks theoretical training and two weeks of hands-on practical training on the 6X assembly line, enabling engineers to be equipped and trained to provide line maintenance for 6X aircraft visiting Australia and the Pacific region.

Jason Jia, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at ExecuJet, travelled from Australia to France where he completed the EASA certified training course in Bordeaux, where Falcon aircraft are assembled. The theoretical training was conducted at international aviation training organisation CAE in Bordeaux, while the practical training was held at the Dassault Training Academy there.  The Dassault Training Academy is an EASA Part 147 training organisation.

Jason says: “It was exciting to be in France and in Dassault’s home. The training was practical and immersive. CAE provided us with simulator and virtual aircraft to familiarise us with the aircraft systems.”

“For the practical training, we were trained using virtual reality (VR) as well as actual aircraft. The Falcon immersive VR training devices allowed us to tour the aircraft from the inside to get a better understanding of the components, the system, and the wiring.”

All systems were covered in the training: the engines, avionics, digital flight control system, fuel system, hydraulics, landing gear, lighting, water and waste, structures, CNS (communication, navigation, surveillance), electrical, cabin furnishing and connectivity, oxygen, and the auxiliary power unit.

Jason says: “It’s clear that Dassault took the opportunity to include the most modern systems for maintainability and troubleshooting through the FalconScan diagnostic system. It provides maintenance engineers an integrated and in-depth tool to isolate faults and test the system.”

With 5,500 nm range, 6X aircraft will be flying all over the world and we look forward to seeing them in Australia soon.

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