ExecuJet MRO Services Australia Sending Personnel Overseas for Falcon 6x Maintenance Training

ExecuJet MRO Services Australia Sending Personnel Overseas for Falcon 6x Maintenance Training

August 29, 2023 Blog 0

ExecuJet MRO Services Australia (ExecuJet) has been sending some of its engineers and technicians to the US for advanced technical training, in preparation for the Dassault Falcon 6X’s entry-in-service.

Just certified, the Falcon 6X’s entry-into-service is imminent. Even though there will be no Falcon 6X aircraft based in Australia initially, ExecuJet personnel have to be equipped and trained; ready to provide line maintenance for these aircraft visiting Australia and the Pacific region.

Jason Jia, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at ExecuJet, recently travelled from Australia to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Texas, where he completed an engine maintenance training course at FlightSafety International, for the Pratt and Whitney Canada (P&WC) PW812D that powers the Falcon 6X.

Jia says: “Training overseas at the DFW South Learning Centre in the US has been an enriching experience. The facility has a PW800 engine so we had the opportunity to be ‘hands on’ with our training.”

“We also did training using virtual reality. There was a software program called the Virtual Engine Trainer where you could take apart all the major engine components. You can also observe what the engine looks like from the inside to get a better understanding of the engine’s internal structure; something you normally have no chance to see,” he says.

All engine parts and systems were covered in the training: integrated blade rotor, fan and boosts, high pressure compressor (HPC), combustor, turbines, exhaust, the air system, fuel and control system, electrical system and the full authority digital engine control (FADEC).

Jia continues: “Our instructor in Fort Worth, Doris, is an experienced and knowledgeable aviation technician who has worked for the military for many years. Her instructions were pretty detailed and very helpful for our understanding of this state-of-the-art engine.

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