ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia Completes 2C-Check on a Falcon 2000

ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia Completes 2C-Check on a Falcon 2000

December 19, 2022 Press Release 0

KUALA LUMPUR/MANILA – ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dassault Aviation, has completed a 2C heavy maintenance check on a Dassault Falcon 2000 at its facility in Subang Airport.

Ivan Lim, Regional VP Asia for ExecuJet MRO Services, says this particular Falcon 2000 was a Philippine registered aircraft.

“Being a member of the Dassault MRO Network brings strategic advantage because of the close collaboration and sharing of expertise at the aircraft manufacturer’s level on this project,” says Lim.

A 2C, one of the heavy ‘C-checks’ for Falcon aircraft, is carried out every 12 years. Work scope included extensive removal and reinstallation of the entire cabin, airframe panels and detailed inspections to detect corrosion. For this project, the landing gear was required to be removed and sent to the workshop for overhaul.

“I would like to thank our customer for the confidence they placed in us and also to thank Dassault Aviation in France and the US for the great collaborative team work on this significant MRO milestone here in Asia,” says Lim.

“The Falcon 2000 is Dassault Aviation’s most prolific aircraft in Asia. We see enormous potential for this super mid-size aircraft in the Asian markets, especially South-East Asia. Coincidentally, these are markets where we have established a significant presence and reach over the years,” he adds.

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