Falcon 7X, 2000, 900 & 50 Series Blended Winglets are the New Black

Falcon 7X, 2000, 900 & 50 Series Blended Winglets are the New Black

May 20, 2019 Blog 0
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If you are the owner of a Falcon 7X, 2000, 900 or 50 series then you may be interested in having the most elegant wings in the skies modified to make them even more breath taking.

The Benefits of The High Mach Blended Winglets Modification:

  • Winglets will cut fuel consumption by 5% at .80M and by 7% at LRC.
  • Shorter range cruises can also be completed with larger payloads and greater fuel reserves on reaching destination.
  • Your Falcon will be capable of reaching higher speeds at absolutely any fuel burn and would reach cruising altitude at a much faster rate.
  • Traffic and weather can be avoided due to a cruising altitude that will be approximately 1,500 feet higher than what would usually be attainable.

Your High Mach Blended Winglet Kit would be inclusive of an exclusive LED anti-collision light for higher visibility.

ExecuJet has an onsite Sheet Metal Shop with qualified Structural Engineers who are all amongst the top professionals in the world and are fully equipped to carry out all of your structural or composite repair work.

ExecuJet MRO Services South Africa has EASA approval, accreditation and certification for most countries in Africa.

For any and all enquiries please contact lanseria@execujet-mro.com.

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