Collins Aerospace Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP)

Collins Aerospace Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP)

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As an approved Collins Aerospace Authorized Dealer, ExecuJet MRO Services can assist with your Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP) requirements.

Collins Aerospace Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP) assures you maximum aircraft dispatch ability while eliminating financial risk. Managing and maintaining your avionics and cabin equipment can be unpredictable and costly. Failure of a major component could equate to over 70 percent of the cost of full coverage under the CASP program.

For a simple budgeted cost based on the hours you fly, you will have global, live, 24-hour complete support with the quality and flexibility that only Collins Aerospace can provide.

Enrollment Features and Options

  • Coverage for Avionics and Cabin equipment
  • Simple enrollment and immediate coverage, with no pre-inspection or buy-in fees
  • Annual payment based on unique price per flight hour and estimated annual flight hours
  • Minimum annual flight hours of 200 or 250, depending on platform
  • 1 year contract, annual payment, with renewal incentives
  • 3 year contract, annual payment, with fixed pricing
  • End of term flight hour reconciliation, credit or debit, subject to minimums
  • Program transferable with aircraft for sale

Program Inclusions

  • Exchange, rental and repair at no charge, unlimited
  • Equipment overhaul
  • Reliability Service Bulletins
  • Removal and refit labor coverage via RC Dealer (per standard coverage hours/rates)
  • RVSM annual certification (5 hours labor reimbursement)
  • FMC/MDC/ADC battery replacement
  • No charge troubleshooting
  • No charge for unused exchange returns
  • Up to five no fault founds without penalty
  • AOG priority parts support – part ship within 24 hours after receipt of order
  • Next day shipping within the U.S.A, both ways
  • Free International shipping (up to US$ 600)
  • Discounts for concurrent product enhancements (i.e. SwiftBroadBand, AHARS, Airshow, IFIS)

Various tailored, platform based solutions are offered by Collins Aerospace, including CASP, CASP Essential and CASP Elite.

Please contact your regional ExecuJet MRO Services Sales Manager for further information.

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