Is slow WIFI causing you DRAG ?

Is slow WIFI causing you DRAG ?

4 月 15, 2019 Blog 0

Drag: A force opposing an aircraft’s forward motion through the air.

In 2019 you do not need to settle for mediocre or non-existent connectivity just because your feet are not firmly planted on the ground.  ExecuJet MRO Services South Africa have completed an impressive 3 connectivity and network upgrades on Global Express Corporate Jets in the last 6 months.

Connectivity in all it’s glory with a JetWave KA Band Installation, a high speed connection brought to you by Honeywell Aerospace, coupled with Stage On Demand, a subscription service that will provide you with as many wireless access points (WAP) as are required through Collins Aerospace.  This allows each individual passenger to stream the absolute latest Hollywood licenced movies, news as it happens and most importantly allows you to make contact with the world, as if you were not cruising at 40,000ft above sea level.

This is life, this is collaboration, this is ExecuJet MRO Services.


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