ExecuJet MRO Services is committed to protecting its employees and ensuring that any business undertakings are conducted ethically and take into account the impact of these on others and the environment. In this dynamic, our Company relies on five fundamental pillars:

Propose an Attractive and Motivating Social Model

  • Attract and retain talent
  • Promote diversity and equal opportunity
  • Propose attractive compensation and benefits

Guarantee a High Quality, Healthy and Secure Workplace


  • Bringing the Company up to an effective prevention culture
  • Continue to reduce occupational risk and improve working conditions
  • Develop the quality of life at work and promote well-being of employees

Improve Environmental Performance Of Our Activities And Products

  • Develop and maintain a low carbon plan consistent with climatic challenges
  • Integrate eco-design in the research of innovative technical solutions wherever possible
  • Reduce our environmental footprint according to the principles of circular economy

Meet Regulatory Requirements and Compliance Obligations

  • Comply with international, national and local regulations
  • Act in accordance with our commitments and policies to which our Company adheres to.
  • Listening to Company’s stakeholders and meeting their expectations

Be Part of a Responsible Approach

  • Preventing corruption risks and asserting our business ethic
  • Reinforce our approach to responsible purchasing
  • Keep industrial risks to the lowest level possible